The System

MARC5D-IIS is an innovative public lighting system based on a single integrated platform to be widely distributed throughout the territory, able to provide the following services:

  • Public lighting
  • Reduction of consumption compared to the traditional:> 70%; expected LED life > 100,000 hours (loss <10% at operating temperatures)
  • Planning tool to optimize consumption and adapt to the various configurations each lamp .
  • Integrated remote control system via power line communication (PLC)
  • Audio and video remote monitoring
  • An intelligent system that automatically detects dangerous situations in real time, limiting the consequences and using deterrent systems too.
  • High quality audio and video recording
  • Traffic control
  • Integrated and widespread system providing key information to monitor compliance with the road code throughout the city, optimize traffic flows both at the planning level and in real time (after updating and integrating the traffic light system)
  • Environmental control
  • Real time augumented alerts to the emergency staff using the integrated audio and video sensors and additional specialized sensors
  • Implementation of procedures to alert the population and increase security in real time.
  • Telecommunications
  • High-capacity public WiFi HotSpot all over the city

The platform uses the existing public lighting infrastructure, and implements Smart services by a dedicated fiber network integrated within the infrastructure itself.

The system guarantees the segregation of services and data protection in full compliance with privacy regulations.

MARC5D-IIS achieves energy efficiency, improves the quality of life for the citizen both in terms of personal safety and environmental protection, optimizes public transport services and road traffic and can provide free public telecommunications service in line with citizens’ expectations.

The architecture

The architecture basic elements are:

1. The peripheral node available in two versions :

  • MARC5D-L is the basic lighting module with modularity up to 14,000 lumens
  • MARC5D-S is the smart module, based on MARC5D-L, suitable to host – any or all – the additional modules: 2 video cameras: 4K (8Mpixels) with 2Ghz processing unit, Loudspeaker module:> 100 dB SPL peak, Wi-Fi access node 802.11 a,c module, Optical interfaces Kit

2. The Aggregation Node offering the Power Line interface for the MARC5D-L telemonitoring, a processing unit and  communication to the management center

3. Independent Management Centers , one for lightining (MARC5D-L network) and one for smart security (MARC5D-D network). Designed for scaling to Network Operation Center down to mobile access offer alarm – based management paradigm.

4. The data communication infrastructure separate and ndependent  for lighting and smart services

  • Power Line system via existing power infrastructure based on ITU-T G9903 for lighting control
  • Single mode optical fiber or radio link for smart data communication