The needs of the Private & Industrial Sector are

Pro-active audio-video surveillance of

  • private sites – condominiums, villas, etc.
  • industrial areas, logistics, construction sites
  • photovoltaic parks

to protect assets and enforce safety and organizational rules

The sector is essentially composed of:

  • industrial and logistics sites
  • critical areas: ports, airports, stations …
  • condominium agglomerates (compounds)
  • construction sites
  • photovoltaic parks

who today rely on security guarding or closed circuit television camera to prevent theft, damage, access to controlled areas, essentially using personeel to detect the security hazards.

The specificity of the Himarc solution offers:

  • autonomous detection of abnormal or dangerous event  (service robotization)
  • operations efficiency improvement moving personeel from field to the Control Room where they receive alerts in real time and coordinate consequential actions

Offered features are:

  • 24×7 automatic audio and video surveillance enhanced by optimal lighting and built-in speakers
  • Real-time detection of criminal events, which activates immediate reactions and potentially also preventive actions
  • Real-time identification of anomalous and critical behavior with the possibility of preventive actions
  • Intelligent access control, without the need for physical barriers

The domestic market is tackled by Himarc at 360 degrees: directly, through partnerships, through distributors.

For the international market, HiMarc creates strong partnership with local entities, that include technology transfer when required.