The needs of the Public sector:

Pro-active safety in public areas

Pro-active control and management of:

  • traffic
  • parking lots
  • waste disposal
  • tracking and searching for vehicles

The ideal infrastructure for the Public sector is a widespread public lighting network  capable of offering the solution to the needs described above.

Moreover, as energy efficiency of public lighting enables the recovery of investments a double benefit is generated.

The sector is made up of all the Administrations that require a more efficient lighting system and or those that are implementing systems for the safety of citizens.

HiMarc offers Administrations a solution capable of:

  • Maximizing energy savings in public lighting
  • Provide a widespread control of urban areas that increases citizens’ safety
  • Provide the instrument for effective traffic control, which leads to a reduction in the number of road accidents
  • Provide monitoring of application of good citizen rules
  • Offer low-cost broadband access, which increases value-added services (communication, advertising)

In the domestic market HiMarc, thanks to partnerships and commercial agreements, provides a “turnkey” solution, that includes (all or in part according to need):

  • Assessment of the current state of the plant
  • Design of the upgrades of the Infrastructure or new Impiant
  • Implementation of new plant / modification of the plant (infrastructure, plant engineering, technology, installation, support, maintenance)
  • Full cost financing through product energy savings (Project Financing).

In the international market, Himarc leverage partnership with locally operating companies of the sector.