Project Description

A single integrated platform distributed throughout the territory able to provide services

  • public lighting
    Reduction of consumption compared to traditional: & gt; 70%; LED life expectancy> 100,000 hours (loss & lt; 10% at operating temperatures)
    Planning tool for optimization of consumption and adaptation to the various configurations with a single lamp model.
    Integrated telecontrol system via conveyed waves
  • audio and video surveillance
    an intelligent system that automatically detects dangerous situations in real time, allowing the consequences to be limited even by using deterrent systems.
    High quality audio and video recording
  • traffic control
    integrated and capillary system that allows you to check the respect of the highway code throughout the city, optimize traffic flows both at the planning level and in real time (after updating and integration of the traffic light system)
  • environmental control
    using the integrated audio and video sensors and other specialized sensors, the system provides real-time information to the Civil Protection
    Implementation of procedures to alert the population and increase safety in real time.
  • telecommunications
    High-capacity public WiFi HotSpot throughout the city

The platform uses the existing public lighting infrastructure, and is expected to realize the Smart services through the installation of a dedicated fiber network within the infrastructure itself.

The system guarantees the segregation of services and data protection in full compliance with privacy legislation.

Project Detail